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Feel free and give a chance to our PDF to Text converter. It's great at turning your PDFs into editable text, even if they're scanned. You can extract text from any PDF, whether it's a regular one or a scanned page. You can Upload a PDF from the device and also with a URL.

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What is online pdf to text converter?

Pdf to text converter is an online tool that extract text from pdf easily. You can download the text in DOCX or TXT format.  You can use this tool in different purposes, such as editing pdf text, searching, or repurposing the text.  Online pdf to text converter working with OCR Technology.

How to Convert PDF to Text With OCR Online?

  • Upload your PDF files also with URL to convert
  • Click ‘Convert’ to start the OCR conversion
  • Download the editable plain text file with a single click.
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Why Our PDF to text Converter?

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Best PDF to Text Converter

“This Online PDF to text converter allows you to easily extract text from PDF files with a single click. It generates a plain text file that includes all the text content from your original PDF document. Additionally, this OCR text converter offers the option to save the extracted text in various text formats.”

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Extract text from PDF file for free

You can extract text from PDF files completely free of charge using this online PDF to text extractor. Furthermore, there is no need for any sign-up process. This ensures a seamless, efficient, and hassle-free experience when converting PDFs to TXT format.

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Accurately Grab text from PDF files

One of the best features of this tool is its ability to accurately extract text from PDFs. Our free online PDF to text converter employs advanced algorithms to analyze the PDF content. This tool extracts the data while preserving the original document’s layout. This ensures accurate results.

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Turn PDF to text on all platform

This online tool serves as a versatile solution for extracting text from PDF files. This Pdf to text converter works on various operating systems and devices without compatibility concerns. It allows users to convert PDF text to plain text effortlessly from anywhere.

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Securely convert PDF to Text

When it comes to converting PDF files to an editable text format, it’s important to note that your files are treated with the utmost privacy and security. They are never stored or accessed for any purpose whatsoever. After the conversion from PDF to text is completed, your files are automatically deleted to ensure the highest level of data security and privacy.

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Multiple PDF to Text conversion

This pdf to text extractor support can handle multiple conversions at once. This time-saving feature eliminates the need to convert files individually. This Feature making the process more efficient and convenient.

Upload PDF with URL 🔗

You can convert a pdf into text by pasting the picture’s web link into the URL box. This is helpful when you find an pdf while browsing the internet.


When do you need to convert PDF to Text?

Converting PDF to Text makes it easy to edit, copy, and search content. It works on different devices, shrinks file sizes, and helps with translation and text analysis.

How can I copy text from pdf files?

You can copy text from any PDF files with using this PDF text extractor. It enables you to pull text from pdf files and save it to your clipboard by using its advanced OCR processing.

Does the converted text look the same as the original PDF?

Yes, Our PDF to text converter preserves the original layout and content of the PDF while exporting it in plain text format.