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Welcome to your next-level document management solution here at Free Image To Text. Our Document OCR is designed painstakingly to give you perfectly usable and searchable text formats from your scanned documents and images online and for free.

Why Choose Our Document OCR Tool?

Accuracy You Can Rely On:

Leverage cutting-edge OCR technology that ensures the highest accuracy in text extraction, even from complex layouts and not-so-good scans. Convert PDFs, receipts, book pages, and more into searchable digital text you can edit, search, and store.

Completely Free, No Hidden Charges:

Our Document OCR is free to use, with no hefty fee attached for this professional-grade service: no subscriptions, no hidden cost, but pure efficiency.

Support for Multiple Formats:

All are catered for here, whether JPGs, PNGs, PDFs, or TIFFs. Our multi-faceted OCR offers easy processing of all types of documents without any extra charge.

Secure and Private:

We value very highly the privacy of our users. All documents uploaded are very securely processed and automatically get deleted after conversion, making sure your files are safe.

How Does It Work? Simple and Fast!

Upload Your Document:

Choose the document you need converted from your device.

Automatic Text Recognition:

Our OCR technology quickly scans and recognizes the text in your document.

Download Editable Text:

Instantly download the converted text as a TXT or DOCX file, ready for use.

Perfect for Professionals, Students, and Everyone In Between

Whether you’re a professional needing to digitize contracts and invoices, a student organizing study materials, or just someone looking to declutter paper documents, our Document OCR tool is tailored to meet your needs.

Start Using Document OCR Today!

Ready to transform the way you handle documents? Visit Free Document OCR by Free Image To Text and experience the ultimate in document conversion technology. Say goodbye to manual data entry and hello to a streamlined digital workflow.

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What is Document OCR?

Document OCR is a conversion tool that converts scanned and photocopied documents and images into editable searchable text.

Which file types can this OCR convert to?

It supports various formats, for instance, PDF, JPG, PNG, and TIFF.

Is the Document OCR service free to use?

Yes, our Document OCR is entirely free to use without any hidden fees or charges.

How good is the text conversion? 

Our OCR technology is highly accurate and even capable of handling documents with complex layouts and varying image quality.

Can I Convert Handwritten Documents?

However, even though our OCR is adjusted to work with printed text, it can also be used for handwritten documents with limited success, depending on legibility. 

What happens to my files after conversion? 

Files that you uploaded are automatically deleted from our servers when the conversion process is finished. Your data will always be safe and private.

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