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Free PDF to Text Converter

Unlock your PDFs with Free PDF to Text, our leading converter, which will transform your PDFs into editable text. It doesn’t make a difference whether it is a native or a scanned document—it will be able to satisfy your requirements. You can upload a PDF from your device or using a URL.

What is a Free PDF to Text Converter?

Easily extract text from PDFs online for free. The OCR technology used by the converter will help in downloading the identified text in DOCX or TXT formats. Edit text in PDF, search through content, or repurpose some text—our OCR converter will help in all possible cases.

How to Convert PDF to Text with OCR Online?

Transforming your PDF into text couldn’t be simpler:

  • Upload Your PDF: You can upload PDF files directly or use a URL.
  • Click ‘Convert’: Initiate the OCR conversion with just one click.
  • Download the Text: Download the editable plain text file effortlessly.
  • Why Choose Our Free PDF to Text Converter?

Why Choose Our Free PDF to Text Converter?

Our converter offers several standout features:

  • High Efficiency: Being the top-rated Text converter, it supports a fast extraction method to grab the text from your PDF files with ease into an editable plain-text file containing all the text content extracted from your content file.
  • Free text extraction: Extract text from your PDF for free. There is also no need to register, ensuring that the conversion process is conducted as smoothly and effortlessly as possible.
  • Accurate text extraction: the converter employs up-to-date algorithms to analyze and extract texts from PDFs accurately while keeping the layout of your original document.
  • Platform Independence: We are available across a variety of operating systems and devices so that you can convert to text from PDF files in any location without any issues of incompatibility.
  • Secured Conversion: We care for your privacy and safety. Uploaded files are never stored or used in any other way than the conversion process. Converted files are automatically deleted after a conversion.
  • Batch Conversion: Convert numerous PDFs at a go, saving time and making the process more effective.

Additional Features

OCR a PDF with a URL: In just seconds, paste the web link of any PDF into the URL box to convert a PDF to text. This feature can be handy if you have already gotten yourself on the internet face-to-face with a PDF.


When do you need to convert PDF into Text?

Converting a PDF text file into a plain text file allows for the ability to edit, copy, and search the text. It is convenient to view on different devices, helps reduce file size, and often is translated and analyzed texts.

How do I copy the text from a PDF file?

Our PDF to Text conversion has made it easy to extract text and copy from any PDF. Our developed OCR processing allows for saving the extracted text directly in your clipboard.

Is the converted text in the same layout as the PDF? 

Yes, our converter retains the original layout and content of a PDF, leaving you with a plain text format that represents the original document.

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