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Welcome to Free Image To Text, the ultimate online OCR tool developed to extract text from images easily. Upload your photo now for instant text output using our image-to-text converter online. Our free tool supports any image format out there!

Why Should You Use Free Image to Text Converter?

Our OCR tool will extract the text from your files. Perfect solution with:

  • Multiple File Processing: Process multiple files at a go easily for your convenience.
  • Very Accurate Results: Trust us regarding high-quality text extraction.
  • A wide variety of import formats: JPG, PNG, JPEG, JFIF, GIF, BMP, WebP, HEIC, PDF, and more.
  • Export Options in Multiple Formats: Export your extracted text in the format of PDFs, Word, HTML, Excel, and CSV, among others.
  • Cost-Effective: Relish our services for free.
  • Multilingual Support: Our tool can extract text in multiple languages. Translation in Real-Time: Instantly translate transcribed text into over 100 languages.

Free and User-Friendly

Our free online Image to Text Converter is a user-friendly tool for extracting text from images. Advanced OCR technology is also built into this software. Now, you can upload any image and, with one click of the mouse, convert that image into text. The tool is compatible with PNG, JPG, JPEG, JFIF, GIF, SVG, WEBP, and BMP file formats. There is no need for expertise: upload your image, hit the button, and see the result. Our Photo-to-Text tool is here to ease your task.

How to Convert Image to Text?

Convert text from various sources such as images, screenshots, official documents, WhatsApp statuses, Pinterest pictures, web pages, or any photos containing text using our JPG to text converter:

  • Upload Your Image: Select the file, copy/paste, drag and drop, or use the image URL in the input box. You can crop the image using the crop icon.
  • Start Conversion: Click the ‘Submit’ button to begin the text extraction process.
  • Download and Use: Once completed, copy the text to a clipboard or download it in .txt or Word document format.

Enjoy the precision of our free online Image to Text converter tool!

Features of Free Image To Text Converter

Choose Free Image To Text for effortless conversion of images to text. Our tool stands out with these key features:

  • Completely Free: Use our image-to-text solutions without paying a single cent. There is no need for any sign-up and registration, making it wholly free and easy to access.
  • Extract from Blurry Images: Even if the images are unclear enough, our robust OCR technology may pull out text pretty accurately. This feature will be useful for students and anyone using images of notes or printed materials captured in not-so-ideal conditions.
  • AI-Based Extraction: Our advanced AI-driven process guarantees accurate text extraction, capturing every detail and not missing any vital information. Count on the consistency and precision achievable with our technology.
  • Insert an Image with URL: By just pasting your image’s URL, convert images directly to text. A friendly feature to make this process effortless and time-saving at work on the web.
  • Support for Multiple Image Formats: Our tool is versatile and can support many image formats, such as JPG, PNG, and GIF, among others. We work without stopping the expansion of this list to include all possible user needs.
  • Multi-Language Support:: Our OCR tool has no restrictions or a language barrier. Any document worldwide with text extraction in diverse languages should not worry, from English, Spanish, German, French, and Japanese‚ÄĒbasically, all existing languages.
  • Download Options: You can now download the output in many formats once the extracted text is processed, including .txt or HTML, which gives you the extracted text in the format most applicable. 


Can I Convert the Image to Text in Word?

Yes! Use our OCR tool to extract text and export it directly into an MS Word document, either in .doc or .docx format.

How to Extract Text from a PNG Image?

Use our free online PNG to text converter to extract text without any hassle. This tool also works with photos and PDF files.

Can I Save a Picture as Text?

Simply drag and drop the picture into our converter. It will instantly transform the picture into text, ready to be saved with just a click.

How to Copy Text from an Image Without Losing Format?

Our image text extractor maintains the formatting of the text extracted from images.

Can I Convert a Screenshot into Text?

Upload your screenshot into our online converter and let it accurately extract the text.

How to Translate Pictures into Text Online?

Easily translate the text extracted from images using our tool, free of charge.

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